Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy 19th Birthday!

Happy 19th Birthday Dillon!!! WOW...that is just crazy that my third child is 19 years old today. I can remember like it was yesterday. As most of my followers are from the States, here in Canada, 19 is the legal drinking age, so we are off to the bar tonight with our son...hehehehe

I asked my son this question last night and his response was 12. My own response, 16 on a good day, 18 on a bad day....I guess you are only as old as you feel? I would really like to hear from people...please let me know, how old would you be??

I hope everyone has a great weekend. There is the big yarn/spinning show in town tomorrow...guess you know where I will be?? LOL.

Until next timexxooDebbie