Monday, October 5, 2009


Happy Birthday Mom! We all headed to Kelsey's for dinner Saturday night. There were 16 of us...we had a great time! My uncle and his wife showed up which was great as I haven't seen them since my mom's 60th so 5 years ago! It amazes me how long we go between seeing our relatives unless it is a wedding/funeral/birthday. I think we need to plan a family reunion in the summer every year just to touch base with everyone and see how they are doing!

PS...Not doing too well today....Tiffany moved out yesterday and I am a little down in the dumps today. Hopefully it will get better...I will be seeing her Saturday at the trailer for Thanksgiving! A few more weeks and Mallory moves out...I will be a basket case...gotta keep myself busy!! LOL...maybe knit myself into a frenzy and open up an Etsy shop?
Until next time xxooDebbie

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