Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have been corrected....LOL!

My son informed me yesterday after reading my blog that stuff does happen in our little town. We have had the set of "Happy Town" filming in our little town all summer! It is to be released in is from the producers of Twin is going to be a series I believe. It is kind of funny to look at the trailer and see our town done up like a small town in the States....with American Flags all downtown etc.

One of the drug stores downtown had a fire a couple of years ago and it has sat empty. I remember driving by and saying oh look they are turning it into a "pizza barn" well that's stupid as there is a pizza joint across the street, ..turns out it was just a prop for the movie!!! LOL...

The scenes from the carnival were set up down a little side street where our library was so funny to see all the carnival booths set up in the parking spots along the street.

If you watch the trailer and see the main street, that is where I live in our own little "Happy Town"...

happy town trailer - Google Videos

Until next time .....xxooDebbie

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