Monday, January 18, 2010

Artist Trading Cards - Monday Weigh-In

Okay we will get this over with! I am down 1 pound! pound in two weeks was really not the results I was looking for but I guess it is better than gaining. I found the most awesome app for my i-pod touch. It is called lose it! You input how much you weigh, how much you want to lose and how many pounds a week you want to lose with a maximum of 2...then it figures out how many calories you should eat a put in what you eat and it figures out the calories and if you exercise, there is a spot for that to tell you how many calories you have burned. Pretty cool little gadget to have! I am hoping it will help. It is amazing how many calories a day you consume without even realizing it!! YIKES!

Okay now on to Artist Trading Cards! I went to the art store on the weekend for some more canvases and found these little guys..of course I had to buy them. I have been on the web searching all about them and would love to join an artist trading card swap. I think that would be so cool to join swaps and have "little artist trading cards" of people's art as a collection!!!!

I bought this stamp from www.stampingbella for the back of the trading cards.
I was just playing around today to see if I could draw one of my girls on such a small space. This was coloured in with my copic markers to see how it looked?? Not sure if I am liking it, I think I will be painting my next one!

Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. that is a neat app on your ipod.........
    handy to have it with you all the time!
    good for you with the weight loss, one is better than none
    nice treasures you picked up
    the trading cards are cool!
    you have such awesome ideas!!
    ttyl karalyn

  2. oh the artist card trading swap is such a cute idea!!!! Love it!!

  3. Such a cute girl you drew! Love her!
    That app sounds awesome! Wishing for an ipod touch even more now! =)
    Congrats on the pound!!!! xoxo

  4. hello!!
    I found your blog from Jamie's when I saw that AMAZING cupcake scarf!! you are incredibly talented :) I would looooove to buy one of those scarfs from you if you wanted to sell one!!!
    let me know!!