Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Facts Wednesday, Big News, coffee cozies!

Random Facts:
1. I had the mumps when I was 6.
2. I got the chicken pox when I was 8 months pregnant with my last child! (ended up in the hospital)
3. I figure skating for almost 10 years. I haven't skated since I was 17!! I would probably fall flat on my butt!
4. I love roller coasters (which I find very strange considering how petrified I am of heights?)
5. I love subs!!!

I had so much fun making the owl hat last week that I decided to make some more patterns out of my head!! I am really happy with how the cupcake coffee cozy turned out, not so sure about the owl? I am on a a panda bear and cozy for hot chocolate with marshmallows on it??
Now for the exciting news!!! For those of you who don't follow me on facebook or twitter, my husband met his birth father Friday night!!! It was certainly an emotional time at my house! I will try and keep this as condensed as possible. My husband was adopted and his adoptive parents were in their 40s when they adopted him and they have both passed away. About 10 years ago we got in touch with Children's Aid to obtain his adoption papers. Well those took 2 years to get to us (big waiting list). There are no names mentioned but it just tells you about parents and/or any siblings. Well it turns out his father and mother were married and there were 7 children of the marriage, my Mark being #4!! Well I think I missed my calling because I turned into a private investigator and found his father, one brother and one uncle(dad's brother)!!! Mark has spoken to his brother only once and his father a couple of times (he lives in BC) which might as well be across the world for us to get there. We have met the uncle and aunt and have kept in touch with them.
On boxing day, Mark got a call from another uncle (dad's other brother) who had just found out about Mark. They spoke on the phone for a few hours and he said he wanted to come and meet Mark. Well last Monday he phoned and said he wanted to come on Friday for a visit. Well he showed up Friday with somebody in the car and said it was his "friend" as he was having car problems and his "friend" had to drive him and could his "friend" come in? Well his "friend" turned out to be Mark's dad!!! Wow!! I am so happy for Mark!!!
Well I hope everyone is having a great week!
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. oh my gosh seriously Debbie, those are the cutest coffee cozies EVER!!!!!! I would be over the top if you made a panda one!!!!!! hehe :)

    That is sooo exciting that he got to meet his birth father. That is really awesome, I'm so happy for you guys!!!


  2. Awesome coffee cozies! You are rockin' it, girl!!! I love the story of you guys meeting Mark's dad! So amazing!!! Hope you're having a great day!!! xoxo

  3. Those are some cute cute cozies. I never tried one like that because I am afraid its slippery.

    I have goosebumps from the story. How amazing!!

    btw--I can't wait to get to know you for Happy Mail partners.

  4. great job on the cute cozies! What a great story that is awesome that ya'll got to meet his dad!