Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Facts Wednesday!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far...I am so glad it is Wednesday already! I think I need a vacation or maybe an early

1. One of my all time favourite movies is Now and Then...I think my girls and I have watched it about 100+ times. We know every line word for word.
2. I collect Precious Moments figurines.
3. I have over 100 beanie babies (my retirement fund) lol.
4. I have an obsession with scented lotions...I have some in the kitchen, in my purse, in the bathroom, at my desk, in my bedroom, in the recroom...well you get the idea...they are all over the house!
5. I don't know the last time I wore a dress, come to think of it, do I even own a dress?
Well here is my attempt at a panda coffee cozy. I guess it turned out okay? It looks a little wonky, but I guess I can work on that...hehehehe.
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. oh my gosh!!!!!!!!! I love love it!!!!!! *squeals* I think it turned out sooo cute!

  2. It turned out so cute! I love that movie so much!



  3. so so cute!! I love it!!

    love the random facts gives me more ideas for HM!! yay ---have an awesome day gina

    btw I have a dress on today

  4. Your Panda Cozy turned out adorable!

    xoxo Julie

    p.s. hello new happy mail buddy!