Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My husband has suddenly developed a bad case of obsessive compulsive disorder! He is driving me NUTS!!! He is normally a laid back, go with the flow kinda guy. I made the mistake a month or so ago of saying, "we should buy a trailer". Biggest mistake...I need to learn to keep my mouth shut...LOL....
We bought this trailer 1.5 years ago. We basically bought it because it was soooooo cheap and we wanted to get into the campground (as they have a waiting list to get in). It was certainly a fixer upper..well the add a room at the front needed to be redone on the inside which we did. When you walk in the door and to your right, that is our little kitchen with a woodstove, table and chairs...the big area of the add a room is the livingroom with a pullout couch that we sleep on. There is a trailer behind the add a room (I think 28 feet?)...well that is where the boys sleep, washroom, and tiny kitchen with about 6 inches of countertop space. So I had one of my brilliant ideas, we should tear everything down and buy a used trailer. We have a bit of money put hard would it be????????
Well my husband is now obsessed....he is on the computer all night long, he is on his ipod touch the minute he walks in the door, he is laying in bed at night looking on kijiji for used trailers, he has phoned every dealer from here to there in search of trailers. We have found lots, but none in our price range.
The weekend before mother's day, he had found the "one" is only in Kingston he said? (which is 2 hours away)...I had been trying to put him off and finally I caved...we left at 1:30 in the afternoon and didn't get home until after 9:00!!!! OMG!!! it was in the middle of nowhere...and a piece of junk! We have been to tons of dealers and they are more than happy to sell you a new one with payments until I retire!!! I have a new idea????.........
I was on Attic 24 the other night and she had a few pictures of some trailers....I showed my husband and said, why don't we pimp out our trailer???
This is our little Tincan Cottage....It is actually pretty does have a lot of potential!
How cute are these pics? I think if we gut the whole inside of our trailer and pimp it would look amazing....and a whole lot cheaper than buying another trailer?

I think I have my husband convinced as he said we have to bring up the measuring tape and a pad of paper and make a list of everything we need to buy!
I thought we were on the same page but last night as we were watching Biggest Loser, I said, "oh what are you looking at on your ipod"?, Trailers he said?????LMAO!!!
Well let's hope we get everything we need and start renovating on the long weekend and then it will be too late to turn back!!! Wish me luck!
I hope everyone is having a great week so far!
Until next time xxoo Debbie


  1. Haha! Good luck with all that! ;)
    Those pictures are super cute tho!!!!

  2. good luck! Cute pictures :D

  3. wow the inside of that trailor is soooo pretty!!!!! Good luck on pimping it out!!

  4. ahhhh Debbie!! We bought a "fixer upper" trailer recently - geez - it's a mess!! We cleaned one weekend for the ENTIRE weekend and I don't think I could stand up straight after lol there was only so much we can do so now there's a handyman fixing the rest - hopefully it will be ready for summer! :) Good luck with yours!!! Those photos you found are amazing!!!:)

    I also stopped by to say thank you so much for my crocheted 2 sided circle ornament from Janel's swap :)

  5. Okay...this is super cute! =)