Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Demolition Days!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!!! This is what we ended up doing on our long weekend!!
Let the destruction begin....

This picture is out of order...LOL!

Look at the mess...OMG!!!

At this point when the ATV was hooked up...we had about 15 people in lawn chairs with their drinks watching and about 15 people on the other side of the yard standing and watching...I should have charged admission or at the very least made some popcorn!!! hehehehe


OMG have you ever seen anything so ugly in all your life??? That addition had been covering the trailer so we didn't see how disgusting it was!!! It was cozy quarters for three days, all 4 of us plus 2 dogs slept in there!!!!
We get the new trailer on Friday!!! I can't wait....
Hope everyone is having a great week!!!
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. Goodness! Looks kinda fun tho! hehe
    Hope you got to enjoy your weekend and have fun tearing stuff down! =)
    Happy day to you!!!! xoxo

  2. I just keep thinking of MOVE THAT BUS! You know everyone loves a good demolition and of course anything new. Have a great day!

  3. that does look like a lot of fun to watch!! I would have made popcorn for sure!