Friday, October 2, 2009

1 down.....39 more to go!

1 down...39 more to make! I tried to keep it kind of simple as by the time I am done, I will never want to see this stamp again! LOL
This is the back of my card. I ordered this stamp from Elzybells a while ago and think she is the cutest thing ever!

Well my mom and her husband are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this December and we are having a party! I have the hall booked already and I decided to make the invitations...what was I thinking?? I thought maybe 20 tops only to find out I have to make 40!! I am thinking I should get them out in the mail by mid October (as the party is December 5th), so I guess we know what I'll be doing for the next little while! I have a bit of an addiction for stamping bella stamps and use them whenever I get a chance! Sorry the pictures didn't turn out very good this time around but you get the idea. I was afraid they looked too much like a wedding invitation but with the silver and all I thought what the heck!
I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a suprise 50th birthday party to go to tomorrow which I can probably stay an hour for, then my mom's 65th birthday party at 6:00 and then on Sunday, I have to move my youngest daughter out of the house!! :( I am sure some tears will be shed!
Until next time xxooDebbie

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