Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Long-term project!

Okay I have always wanted to try my hand at felting, so this is the project. I think it is so cute! This is going to take me a while. There are 260 stitches on this! This will be the project I bring along and knit a few rows here and there. When I am done....maybe next year (LOL)...you throw it in the washing machine to give it the "felted" look. I worked on this the whole Survivor finale and I only accomplished 6 rows...hehehehe....

YIKES....3 more days until Christmas! I wrapped last night for over 2 hours and last week for 2 hours and I haven't even come close to finishing! I guess I am off to wrap again!
10 more days until 2010...I have 6 things on my list of 10 things to accomplish in 2010....
What are your goals for 2010?
Until next time xxooDebbie

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