Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the winners are??

Okay so I had two entries for names! One more than I thought I would get..LOL...then I got a last minute entry from my daughter and couldn't decide on who should win so EVERYONE IS A WINNER! I painted the redhead knitter because I think she suited crafty Chole and had decided the painter would be sassy Sally but after my daughter's entry of beautiful Bella, now I am confused? I am going to be painting another girl tomorrow and then I will decide which one is Bella and which one is Jamie and Lindsay e-mail me your addresses ( so I can send you off your goodies! I thought I still had your address Jamie but I guess not and obviously I have my daughter's address! Congrats girls and thanks so much for participating!

Until next time xx00Debbie


  1. awwww! so sweet of you! Thanks so much!!!! Love your knitter! very cute!!!!

  2. crafty chloe is perfect
    and beautiful bella is so appropriate
    awesome pics

  3. awwww yay!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! emailing you now!!!!
    totally hanging in my craft room!!!

  4. ah man!! my entry must not have made it :(
    i picked mona! ha! so maybe you could make a mona girl!

    ps... your paintings are great!!!!!!