Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet ????

Okay I need your help? I have painted this little lovely and I am not sure what name to give her? She will be the first in a series of girls that I am gonig to paint and put on my new craft room wall. So here is where I need your help, please put in the comments what you think her name should be and I will look at all 3 submissions (or maybe 1) and pick a winner! I will send that winner something that I am going to be selling on my future Etsy store (which I hope to open soon). I am sure the odds are going to be good...maybe 100% chance or maybe a 33% chance! LOL...Thanks so much! Oh almost forgot, I will be picking the winner on Sunday!
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. She looks like a Sassy Sally to me!!!! I loove her!!! You need to make more to sell in your etsy shop that I wish you'd hurry and open already!!!! hehe You're so freakin' talented! Seriously. I wish you lived closer so we could hang out and craft together. xo

  2. Oh I wish we did live closer crafting with you would be totally awesome!!! and you are good for my ego! :)

  3. How about...Crafty Chloe? I love that name! You did an awesome job painting! Love it!!

  4. hmmm not sure of name
    but i have to say she is cute
    she needs a french name..............
    i will have to think about it
    but you crack me up with your "three" followers

  5. Her name is definitly "Beautiful Bella"