Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bath puff...

My daughter wants me to make her some dishcloths for her new house. I find those so boring but will eventually get around to the meantime, I thought how cute would this be for her new bathroom. I finish this up this morning in between working, well more crocheting than working. I don't think the picture does it justice but it does look really cool in person.
Okay so not to sure 2010 is turning out to be an awesome year yet? My friend phoned me the other day and her bf went out for a pack of cigarettes on Saturday and hasn't returned? Then my mother phoned and her husband went to work on Monday and two trustees came into the building, told everyone they have lost their job, changed the locks, as the company went bankrupt. Then my hubby came home last night and his stupid job that he had to go back to want to send him away for 4 months out of town!!!!!!!!!! Okay so that is the wave of 3, it can only get better from here on in. I did my Wii Biggest Loser yesterday and after 25 minutes of exercising, it had logged that I only burned 57 calories...hmmmm...will have to step it up a bit I suppose. Of course, I got on the scale this morning and what do you know, I have gained a pound. I am sure it will come off but I don't have the patience for weight loss, guess that's why I haven't succeeded in the past? I will keep at it though. I think I need some sunshine to brighten me up?
Until next time.. xxooDebbie

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  1. Oh goodness! What awful news! I pray it will get better very, very soon! 2010 is supposed to be awesome! It MUST!!! Looove the bath puff! Sending you great big hugs and some of our sunshine!!!! xoxo (tho we're supposed to get a snowstorm tomorrow)