Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday Weigh-In

Weigh-In= ???

bust: 44"
waist: 44"
hips: 47.5"

Okay I have struggled all weekend whether or not I was going to post my weight or not and seeing I really only have 1-3 people reading this blog I suppose I could have but I have compromised and have given myself some incentive...On February 1st Monday weigh-in I will be posting my weight regardless so I am hoping that posting it for the world, or shall we say 3 people to see, I will have lost a bit of weight!

Okay so today was the first day of exercise and wouldn't you know it, we bought a new TV yesterday and I, being the technically challenged person that I am, could not figure out how to get the DVD player to work? But on a brighter note, I have not sat down today (except to watch All My Children). I have been cleaning my house, moving furniture, etc. so I am going to consider that my workout for today! I am getting a crash course tonight on how to get the DVD player to work! So we will see how the workout session goes tomorrow!

until next time xxooDebbie


  1. I've been debating the same thing. I actually took a picture of my feet on the scale with the numbers. i think I'm gonna do it! aaaaahhh! I think it will help me stay accountable if I know I have to post that new number each week. Even tho I'm scared to death about it. ha!

  2. are a brave one! of course I will be posting in a month so good for us...somethings gotta give me incentive!!!