Sunday, January 3, 2010

Couldn't help myself?

Okay I know one of my 2010 things to accomplish is to finish projects up but I had gift certificates for the wool store and couldn't resist buying a bunch of yarn! I got 10 balls of wool for this blanket, 2 balls of wool for cable scarf and the pattern and it ended up costing me $4!!!! SO EXCITING!! I figured this wouldn't take long, I finished these four squares last night while Mark put 4 closet doors up! I am making this blanket for my new craft room. Last week I picked up a daybed (super cheap) for my craft this is going to go on the daybed. I was going to do a traditional granny square but I think I am liking these little guys better!
Tomorrow is weigh-in Monday and then we start on the diet and exercise routine! YIKES!
Until next time xxooDebbie

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