Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Weigh-In

Monday Weigh-In
I am beginning to sound like a broken record! I stayed the same yet again! I am really gonna have to get off my butt and put some exercise into this or summer will be here and I will still be the same weight!

On a brighter note! Mark got called back to Hydro One and he starts on Thursday!!!! Yipppeee! He is soooooooooo happy!

I went to the local yarn store on Saturday and they had the kits for the 2nd annual yarn competition. I entered last year and I think there was 8 colours in the kit? I made an i-pod holder. I didn't win but I had fun anyway. The entires were amazing! This year there are 5 colours inspired by the Olympic colours and I have no clue what to make??? The rules basically state that you have to use all 5 colours in your project. It could be knitted, crochet, whatever you want?? I think she said there is an equivalent to 2.5 balls there but you can buy more if you need more in your project? Any suggestions on what to make??

I hope everyone had a great weekend? Any exciting plans for Valentine's Day?
Until next time xxoo Debbie


  1. wow those are really pretty colors, not sure what you could make but I will keep thinking on it :)

  2. Love those colors!!! Can it be any theme or anything?
    Congrats on hubby getting called back to work! That's great!
    I actually did it! I got up early and did the 30 day Shred!!! I felt pretty good all morning. I'm going to do my weight loss yoga when I get home. We'll see how this week goes!!!

  3. Wow Jamie: I don't think I have enough energy in the morning for that...but I really have to get motivated soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!
    Yes any theme...anything as long as it involves all 5 colours?? I can't think of anything right now! LOL