Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Facts Wednesday

I can't believe it is Wednesday already!

1. I hate wearing socks. As soon as the nice weather comes, the socks come off until October if I can get away with it.
2. My #1 destination to go to is Australia. I have wanted to go since I was about 10 years old!
3. I love fonts...I could look at different fonts for hours.
4. I have a journal obsession...I have so many journals, diaries, etc.
5. I cannot sew at all...I can barely sew on a button. My mother and grandmother used to make their own clothes as well as clothes for me. I guess that gene wasn't passed down to me?

Doodle Share: I really can't take credit for this idea. I was blog hopping and saw a little doodle of this idea. For the life of me I can't remember the blog name to give props but will if I can remember. Anway...I put my own spin on it, and I really like how it turned out! I hope everyone is having a great week!
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. I love your doodle, it's so cute!! I can't draw anything but stick figures!

    I have to wear socks because my feet are unnaturally cold, if I could wear mittens 24/7 I would, but I'm sure I would look pretty silly!

    Hope you have a great rest of your week!


  2. Oh my gosh! That camera drawing is sooo great!!!! Love it!
    I hate wearing socks too!!!! But lately my feet have been so unusually cold that I have to wear them. But I never wear shoes unless I have to. I even take them off at work. =)