Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Weigh In

Well here we are again...Monday and the first of March! I am down 2 2 pounds in two months! leaps and I ripped off the February sheet off my calendar this morning I thought okay this is it!!! I have to get motivated...I don't know where my motivation went but it soon will be spring and I will be the same weight! Of course last week I had good intentions about using the recumbent bike but as usual I have come up with a million excuses and it still sits in my recroom covered in dust! So Mark is back on days this week so it is the perfect time, get my work done and get my butt off my computer chair and log some miles! Wish me luck!
We went to Picton on Saturday and checked out a yarn store...of course after getting Mark to drive all that way...I couldn't leave without buying something...hehehehe....I just love these colours...I am making a throw cause you know it's not like I have 15 other projects on the go or that I have to get 22 granny squares done before the end of the month! Is it just me or does anyone else have A.D.D. when it comes to crafting...??? I have good intentions when I start something but then get diverted and easily distracted into making something else? Although lately I have been pretty good in finishing up some projects, not all, but some.
So on our way to Picton we stopped at a couple of flea markets. I picked up all these old pattern books and that little owl...(isn't he the cutest?) for $4.00. I was looking through some of the books and realized most of the old styles are coming back..
So now I have a brillant idea to make an owl hat so I am sure the throw will be put on the back burner while I try and figure out how to make the owl hat....I wonder if there are any help groups out there for people like me who can't start and finish a project without 50 other projects on the go??
PS> I just realized after looking at the pictures of the books that my "to-do list" is sitting on the table....hehehehe...told you I was a list lady! Okay off to get some things checked off the list!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. I am list person today, I really need to try to finish the ones on my list before writing more down :/

    Good job on the 2 pounds!! Take it slowly, you will get there!!


    P.S. I can pay fpr that stamp so if you want to send me the listing I'll go ahead and pay for it :)

  2. Congrats on the two pounds!!!! You sent it to me and I gained it!! ;)
    Looove those colors in that throw!
    I can't wait to see your owl hat and I love that little guy that you found!
    Hope you had a great weekend! I love lists. hehe

  3. I'm a serious ADD crafter. I start one project, or at least think of one and go buy the stuff for it, and then before I get it finished I'm on to something else! I have to make myself finish stuff! I've been better about it lately though.

    Yay, for the 2 pounds, you're doing good!

    I'm making Granny Squares too! I'm doing the Granny Square swap, I'm excited, I just blogged about it hehe!