Friday, March 12, 2010

My art work is rubberized!!!!

Oh I am so excited to see my artwork in rubber!!!!!!!! Lindsay asked if I could draw her a panda and make it into a rubber stamp? Well I am always up for a challenge and took the plunge! I decided that while I was getting her panda made, I would make a little logo stamp for potluck designs. I am pleased with how they turned out! Of course I added that little border last night to jazz it up. So now I am inspired to try and find a place that can do a bunch of rubber stamps at a reasonable price (as this place was a little pricey!) and get some of my "little kids" made into stamps!!! Thanks Lindsay and I hope you enjoy your panda!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Double date night tomorrow for me...I am so looking forward to it!!!
Until next time xxoo Debbie


  1. I love love my panda stamp! She is so cute! I just paid for it btw!! Love your logo design!!!

  2. I love the panda stamp you made for Lindsay!! SO cute!! :)

    I found your blog via Janel's craft swap. :)

  3. Saw the panda stamp on Lindsay's blog! Soooo cute!! I too found your blog via Janel's craft swap! Yay! <3 Michelle