Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Food for thought?

When they say that the mind is the first to go, I believe them? The older I get, the worse it gets. There are blocks of time in my past that I have totally erased in my VCR in my head (yes I said VCR-aging myself). Mark will say to me...do you remember...blah blah blah and I have no clue what he is talking about? I often joke with him and ask him if he will still love me when I don't know who he is?? I shouldn't really joke about it as my grandmother (dad's mom) had Alzheimer's really bad...she was probably in her 40s when it all started and by the end, she didn't know anybody and had regressed to infancy. She died really young age 62.

The other day my son went into the fridge to look for something and asked why there was a pair of scissors in the fridge??? So now that is the running joke of the day! Of course I have the typical..."why did I come into this room" situation all the time. My oldest daughter came over on Sunday for a little visit and I guess I had asked her the same question a few times over and over? They say you need to exercise the brain...well we all know how much I hate exercise, but you would think that what I do for a living would be exercise enough, but I guess not.

So I was reading Melodee's blog (one of my daily reads) and she has a post about numbers. When I read it, I thought OMG she is so right!!! Why is it that I obviously put scissors in the fridge, cannot remember what I had for dinner last night, walk into a room for no apparent reason but if you throw any age or time of my life at me I can tell you what I weighed??? I know what I weighed when I was 14, 16, when I got married the first time and the second time, how much I weighed before each pregnancy, after each pregnancy, I can even remember what I weighed each and every time I joined Weight Watchers, or TOPS, or started the newest fad diet. I can remember how much I weighed at my lowest, my highest and I can even tell you how much I weighed this time last year! It boggles my mind. So I guess when I am in the nursing home and don't know who anybody is, if you hear me rambling off numbers, you will know what I am rambling about. Just food for thought.
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. LOL, I'm sorry but this made me laugh.
    I'm with ya tho! I can't remember anything either!!!

  2. wow, that is one thing that sticks in my head too >.< my weight numbers. eek!

    I also wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my "How I am Feeling today" post. It really helped and the support I recieved and advice has really changed the way I see the situation. thanks so much :)

  3. I am exactly the same! I'll probably be your roomy in the nursing home and we'll both be rambling off numbers!! It's so true though, I can remember all my weights whether they were good or bad, but I can't remember what I did yesterday! My dad is in the early stages of Alzheimer's (apparently), and his mind is clearer than mine! That's scary!

  4. Janet: I hear ya! LOL...it is sad really...hehehehe

  5. Hey Deb, you should start to really worry when I have remind you about things and actually notice when you ask the same question. But you know the great thing is....you make new friends every day and can hide your own Easter eggs! Love Steve