Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Fact Wednesday

Well let me first start off by saying my morning was awful!!! I came downstairs, sat at my computer, getting ready to work when out of the corner of my eye I saw movement, I looked over at my printer and there was a MOUSE staring at me!!!! OMG I flew out of my chair at lightening speed and ran into the recroom where my son was trying to sleep as he is home from school sick. Needless to say, he was laughing at me and then I text my husband who phoned me and he proceeded to laugh at me! I did not want to work today...but unfortunately, I have to, so here I sit, every 5 seconds checking for a mouse by my feet. I have my pant legs tucked into my slippers in case it crawls up my pants!!! I am not impressed...he gave me the willy's!!!

So let's start off with:

1. I am afraid of mice!
2. I love raspberries.
3. My favourite restaurant is Red Lobster.
4. I have seen every season of Survivor.
5. I get headaches almost everyday.

I have been surfing the net and crochet hexigons are all the rage...well of course I had to give it a try...I am loving it!
So these little numbers are pot scrubbers. I made 2 of them while watching TV the other night. I think they will make cute little gifts! I hope everyone is having a "mouse free" day!
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. lol
    i am still giggling about the mouse
    glad it was you not me.............
    i LOVE the scrubbies!!

  2. LOL!!!! We had a mouse in our house a few months ago and it has scar 'd us forever, every time we see a shadow we freak out LOL :) You are not alone!!!
    Your pot scrubbers are sooooo cute!!!

  3. your grannies and crocheting in general is SO gorgeous! :) have you checked out operation granny square yet??