Saturday, March 20, 2010


I know I am a bad blogger this week. This has been the week from H. E. double chopsticks!! It was March Break here which is great but the girl I cover for at work needed 4 days off this week and me being the person who can't say "no" covered for her. Also, I have a new account for work and had to devote some time for that as well. I did manage to take Wednesday off and take the boys out for lunch and then we went to the show to go see She's out of my league!! It was pretty funny!!

I am a little sad too, I seem to have lost a follower??? :(

I missed my random facts Wednesday so here they are a few days

1. I love/hate my job. I love that I am able to work from home but being a medical transcriptionist has turned me into a hypochondriac...I have a new disease everyday!
2. I daydream way too much! If I spent half my time being productive instead of daydreaming, the things I could accomplish!
3. I love babies...I am so looking forward to grandchildren (no pressure Mallory and Tiffany...hehehe).
4. I have never really grown up...I love toys. I collect Bratz dolls, stuffed animals, etc. I actually had a spongebob cake for my 40th birthday!
5. I wish I could play a muscial instrument.

I really wish I could sew. This is my attempt at a phone cozy. I need tips on how to cut out felt nice and straight?
Doodle share. I think this would make a cute tattoo as well. A long time ago we were watching The Dating Story (it used to come on before a Baby Story) and the girl on there said you always add the words "in bed" after your fortune. So of course we have been doing that ever since. I think it would be funny to have this as a tattoo and have the words "in bed" on the fortune!

Can you see the mess behind me on one of my craft tables? OMG I need to find some time to get organized!!!! I have been so busy with work that everything has been put on hold! I need to clean and get organized big time!
****I am sooooooooo excited today!!! New Moon comes out today and of course I pre-ordered my copy!!! yah!!! will be watching that tonight!!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Until next time xxoo Debbie


  1. I love you, Debbie! I sure wish you lived closer!!! I love your cozy! I think it's super cute! I'm jealous that you get to work from home. ;) Tho I'd probably never ever leave my house then! ha! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!! xo

  2. I got your stamp today!!!! oh em geee it turned out sooooo cute!!! I love the handle! I cant wait to use it! Oh I linked the place I got the other panda stamp on my last blog post :) I think your phone cozy came out very cute!!! To cut my felt straight I normally pin my pattern to the felt, it makes it very straight. oh and use Very sharp scissors :)
    hope that helped!