Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Facts Wednesday!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I am so excited for Saturday! It is our Anniversary and we are going out for dinner and then going to see Mamma Mia!!!!

1. My friend and I got caught shoplifting two days after my 12th birthday. We had to go down to the police station and everything! Scared the crap out of me so much I never did it again! LOL
2. I was a tomboy growing up-I would play with snakes, bugs, cars, etc.
3. I used to be an apprentice hairdresser.
4. I wrote a children's book in 1989 but have been too afraid to send it to a publisher...(fear of rejection I think).
5. I was hit by a car three times!

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PS....I sold my cupcake wrist warmers on Etsy last week!!! So exciting!
I hope everyone has a great day!
Until next time xxooDebbie


  1. I love your doodle!! so cute!!! wow hit by a car 3 times??? geeze!

  2. Wow! 3 times???
    Ok, what did you steal??? ha!
    I bet your children's book is fantastic!!! One of my life goals is to get published. The only thing they can tell you is "no"!!! Then you know they're not the publisher for you! You never know until you try!!!!! =)

  3. three time thats crazy! I love your doodle :D

    I hope you are having a great day!


  4. Hi Debbie!
    I'm coming over from Carries Little World...I see you are also from Ontario. Hello fellow Canadian :)
    Your cupcake girl doodle is awesome...hope you don't mind if I follow.

    Enjoy Mama Mia!
    Laurie Anne
    {Rebel Blossom}

  5. Love the cupcake doodle and the little facts.

    Oh my gosh hit by a car three times, crazy!

    btw I named my pirate girl--Prudence. How do you like it?

  6. I don't know if anybody reads this back but if so, yes I was hit by a car 3 times!!! When I was 6, 12 and 14...crazy!!! Gina I love the name, it suits her so much...Laurie Anne, the more followers the better...thanks for following!!! and if you are in Toronto I am only about an hour east of you! and Jamie, if you can imagine this, it was a 98 cent sewing kit I stole!!! LMAO!!! I guess even back then I wanted to learn how to sew...maybe that's why I can't sew, punishment!!! hehehehehe...Thanks for the wonderful comments on my doodles....!!! and thanks so much for reading and commenting!!!
    Have a great weekend everybody!!!
    Debbie :) xxoo